How are the shares I purchased via Hg Exchange held?

How the shares are transferred from seller to buyer and how you may view the transaction and document of shares ownership.
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Updated 4 years ago

Digital Assets:

Digital assets are held by HGX Custody. Once the transaction is completed, you will be able to view your ownership of these digital shares via your HGX Digital Wallet.

Non-digital Assets:

Non-digital assets are are listed directly on the company’s capitalisation table.
Once the transaction is completed, you will be provided proof of ownership by the company and may work directly with the company’s investor relations team henceforth.

Pooled Investment Vehicle:

In such a scenario, investors are buying into a joint ownership of the vehicle alongside other investors. The manager in charge of the vehicle will be responsible for liaising with investors and providing the necessary documentation for ownership.

This is applicable to both Digital and Non-digital Assets.

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