How are the shares on Hg Exchange priced?

Learn about the pricing structures and methods behind the shares available on Hg Exchange.
Written by HGX
Updated 4 years ago

HGX is plugged into an international marketplace of buyers and sellers of secondaries, which will have available market prices for popular secondaries (mainly unicorns).

Negotiations will take place before you and the seller agree on the final price. The convention for pricing secondaries is largely based on 3 reference points:

1. Valuation of the company based on last primary round 

2. Demand and supply of these shares — prices are set by buyers and sellers depending on market factors, including availability of supply versus demand in the market for such securities

  • Discount (to last round) if there are more sellers than buyers
  • Premium (to last round) if there are no sellers but a lot of buyers 

3. Expected or current performance of the company — underlying growth or  profitability of the company, which are occasionally reported, will impact the company’s valuation perceived by investors

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